Manual headset jabra pro headset

JABRA.COM/PRO900 JABRA PRO 925 For desk phone and mobile phone connectivity JABRA PRO 935 For soft phone and mobile phone connectivity FUTURE-PROOF YOUR INVESTMENT WITH FREE SOFTWARE UPGRADES FROM JABRA The Jabra PRO 900 series is 100% software-based, allowing you to upgrade your headset with Jabra Xpress or Jabra PC Suite without incurring ... Jabra PRO 925 Wireless 2G4 Headset for Desk Phones. $ . Jabra PRO 930 MS Wireless USB Headset. $ . Jabra PRO 930 UC Wireless USB Headset. $ . Logitech H820e Dual Wireless UC Headset. $ . Voyager Focus B825 UC Stereo Bluetooth Headset… JABRA PRO HEADSET ATTACHMENTS The Jabra PRO 930 headset can be worn in three different wearing-styles: headband, earhook or neckband. The headband and earhook attachments (earhook not supplied in all regions) are included with the Jabra PRO 930. The neckband attachment can be purchased separately.