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The method runs on the current synchronization context and uses time on the thread only when the method is active. You can use Task.Run to move CPU-bound work to a background thread, but a background thread doesn't help with a process that's just waiting for results to become available. Pipe tHread basics The following pages are a comprehensive guide to threads and their design. Our Thread Guide explains in detail: how to read a thread description, the difference between taper and parallel threads, common thread forms and much more. We hope this information will help you choose the best grease fitting for your application. 6 QUICK TIPS ABOUT THREAD SIZE #1V-69 is the heaviest commercial size recommended for home sewing machines. #2 Heavier threads make your stitching more visible. #3 The thread size indicates the thread’s thickness. If another weight is given for thread (like ounces), it refers to the amount of thread … Threads per inch Threads per inch Pitch in mm Pitch in mm in TPI TPI Pg in mm No GUIDE TO SCREWTHREAD SIZES Taper and Parallel. (BSP Taper Sizes up to 4 in.Dia. And some extra as shown are also Brit. Std. For high pressure Copper Tube s) Taper and Straight (Parallel) (For threads for High Pressure Copper Tubes see BSP Taper) DIN