About Us

Hello EveryBuddy!

My name is Joe Jackson and with my partner Lori Aldrich we wanted to introduce ourselves and tell you a bit about who we are and why we are here. More specifically how we came to discover at age 57, that it is possible to begin a new journey to pursue your passions, IF you are prepared to invest in yourself and find the right mentorship.

We met in February 2015. Both of us were looking for a new best friend and love in our life but our personal lives were anything but settled at that time! So as fate would have it we had a most untraditional relationship start!

I hate to admit it, but yes, we met on the internet on “Our Time” and behind my profile photo was a large framed picture of my stunning black miniature poodle! Poodle lover that Lori is, she immediately reached out to me and admitted later that she was so focused on my love for poodles that she couldn’t tell you another thing about my profile!

Indeed I think we both missed a lot about the others profile but it all worked out in the end!

When we started dating Lori’s father was about to undergo major brain surgery and she was scared out of her mind with worry as she cared for him by herself at home.  During this time I was working a high stress, long-hours J.O.B. on a Goldman Sachs program helping business owners improve the performance of their companies while trying to squeeze in almost daily visits to my own mother, failing from Alzheimer’s in a nursing home. Our dates consisted of visiting our respective parents in nursing home or hospital until they both finally passed only 3 days apart in April!

Suddenly our lives had drastically changed and not for the better. At first it was all we could do to help each other to adjust to our new lives and keep on going with life. I tried to resume my grueling job while Lori hoped to move forward with saving her passion business, a small retail pet boutique.

Neither plan worked out as we had hoped and the realization hit that we would have to change our lives and what we were doing for a living if we were to enjoy any type of satisfactory lifestyle in the near future or down the road.

We both had been self-employed before and helped others to pursue the same kind of goals.By 2016 we had learned the hard lesson that even the most experienced business people need mentor-ship and guidance when they step out of their comfort zone to attempt a new type of business. We were way out of our comfort zone! She owned a retail store and was trying to keep up with the challenges of competing in online retail today and I was a successful brick and mortar business consultant.

We were not the likeliest couple to embark on launching a business 100% online!

So we spent money joining programs and getting coaching from people who have been wildly successful in our intended area of business to model ourselves after. All are self-made multi-millionaires Including Robert Kiyosaki, Anik Singal, Eric Worre, Mike Dillard, and other notables. We spent thousands on entrepreneurship training from the right people and still failed at two reputable Direct Sales or MLM companies.

Through all of this Lori and I became increasingly convinced that we needed to compete on the internet and grow our business through email marketing. However we still were unable to put all the pieces together until we had acquired various mentors from around the globe.

So powerful was our transition that Lori and I absolutely had to make the switch from offline business to an online model as quickly as we could! The ride has been awesome! Tons of community support and best practices shared – lots of people working together to accomplish their goals and help others to do the same!

Join us on the awesome journey and you will find that we are passionate about YOUR success!

Talk soon, cheers!

Joe and Lori – Dream  Designers

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