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– Thursday, October 17, 2019
Owner: Joseph Jackson

Publisher’s Preface: Every year BILLIONS of dollars are
spent by online and offline businesses to develop
winning marketing communications. The overwhelming
majority of these communications are trashed, never
generating a penny in income for the organizations
that use them. We ALL want to avoid that futile fate.
So we invited one of the world’s top marketers —
— to answer the trillion-dollar
question: how can you consistently create
marketing communications of every kind that
deliver the profitable results you want? As usual,
delivers the goods. Read this closely and see.

This Is The Secret For Consistently Profitable
Marketing, Online Or Off.

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Does it matter to you whether your customers
buy today or not? It certainly ought to. Money
today is ALWAYS more important than the
possibility of money tomorrow. Businesses
that understand this crucial point thrive; those
that don’t ‘get it’ fail. It’s as simple as that.

The question, therefore, is: how do you get
money NOW?

First, you recognize that the overwhelming
majority of your customers probably could
get along quite nicely without buying your
product today. Unless you sell an item of
life-or-death significance, your customers
could probably postpone action. This, of
course, is fatal to your own business
success and profits.

You need customers to act NOW; you need
customers to buy NOW!

The goal thus becomes doing what’s
necessary to motivate people who don’t
HAVE to buy today to feel an urgent
necessity to act and buy AT ONCE.

This is where the OFFER comes in.

If you understand the vital significance
of offers and integrate them into ALL
your marketing, you’ll experience the
thrill of consistent, even explosive profits.

What Is An Offer?

An offer is a motivating proposition giving
the customer dramatically enhanced
value for action within a defined period
of time. For example:

Call us by Thursday at 5 p.m., and
we’ll double the size of your order FREE!

Smart marketers understand that the
goal is to sell the customer the offer
because once they decide they want the
offer, they must purchase the item being
sold to get it. This is what the phrase
‘Sell the sizzle, not the steak’ so often
said by marketers actually means.

Start By Collecting Offers

If you’re smart, you’ll start looking at
ALL offers as closely as a professional
in the field. Open an ‘offer file’, and keep
ALL the offers that appeal to you, especially
offers from all your competitors. Then when
you need an offer for something you’re
marketing, check the ones you’ve got and
adapt to your situation.

Make Sure EVERY Marketing Communication 

business close up commerce computer
An Offer You Can’t Refuse

Has An Offer

NOTHING — not Yellow Pages ad, not
business card, not brochure, not a single
email — should fail to have an offer. Make it
a point to include an offer — yes, even in
your signature file — in EVERYTHING a
customer will see.

Position Offers Prominently

Because it’s the offer that gets folks to
respond, offers MUST be prominently
positioned: right at the top of the page.
Also set off in the middle of copy… and
used as a post script at the end.

Don’t just position them prominently;
increase their impact by using color as
well as different text type and size to
emphasize their importance.

Last Words On Offers

If you understand that your customers
are stuffed with things and mostly don’t
really need to act today to acquire more;
if you understand that your failure
to motivate your prospects to take
IMMEDIATE action will kill your business,
then you’ll stay focused on developing
and using offers in EVERY marketing
communication you ever create. The
day you stop using offers… is the first
day of the end of your business.


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