pexels-photo-826388Many online marketers often brag about how much money they’ve made. I’ve got no problem with that – be proud, say it loud.

But are they doing as well as they say? If they deduct the cost of ads and traffic packages; plus account for their labor in the same fashion as a brick and mortar business most of them are not doing so well.

In fact, a lot of them are losing money hand over fist.

I never brag about my online earnings because I make my big money in the brick and mortar business consulting space. What bothers me is that people in both the “real” world and online space have forgotten what real consulting even is!

Folks who have had one good class in entrepreneurship or who have the privilege of one online mentor are suddenly billing themselves as consultants! It’s bad for the entire industry but nothing can be done to stop it.

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Allow me to offer proof by showing you how I work.

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