Relaxation? What – How?

Do you suffer from over-doer syndrome? Is your mind running 24/7? Do feel you need to look up the word “relaxation” online or in a dictionary to see what the word IS  SUPPOSED TO MEAN?

If so, then we have a few tips for you.  BTW I was given several of these tips by my ex foster dog Cinders who loves to co author articles with me.  She’s been staying over here the last 2 weeks while her parents are on vacation.  It’s wonderful to have her back here with me. She’s wonderful and so loving!                          She Gives great kisses too…


Here Goes your Relaxation Tips:cinders.jpg

  1. Don’t bring your job or work home
  2. Do not make any plans for the weekend except hanging with your pets preferably on the sofa
  3. Turn off your cell and home phone
  4. Remember your mind, body, soul need to relax and it’s much easier to turn them all off when you are cuddled up with a pet.
  5. Turn off the TV and of course the computer for sure.
  6. Schedule in your calendar for the weeknights some relaxation AKA cuddle time with a loved one and pets.
  7. Treat yourself and your pet to a massage
  8. Listen to your pets breathing as they start to relax- see how it slows down- follow their example
  9. Don’t fill every waking moment let there be time to breathe, dream, love, kiss, and chew a bone or sit and stare out the window, watch the birds and squirrels outside, create some time to daydream
  10. Consider why you are called a human “BEING” and not a human “DOING” breathe, relax let your mind wander. Drink less coffee and caffeine this weekend. More water.
  11. Be more like a dog or cat or even a turtle or fish- SLOW DOWN!
  12. Think about changing your occupation so you can work at home and hang with the king of relaxation – your pet.

Now if you haven’t gotten the idea yet head on over to our pets page here>>> >>>for more laughs, hugs and kisses, after all they have lots more followers than I have!

Talk soon,

Joe and Lori

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