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We have spent a good part of this week helping Lori’s uncle move to an assisted living place. She would like to share part of her journey this week as today’s blog post. Here Goes Nothing….

Hi all! I am sitting here with the heating pad one once again- been a LONG week helping my uncle move out and sort thru, throw out, and donate an awful lot of items he has had, forgot he had, didn’t know he had or inherited. Finding old photos of long dead relatives- even some of me when I was little. LOL! I was pretty cute back then- wonder what happened besides growing old.

Anyway- lots and lots of memories have been stirred up being over there- I lived quite a while in that house which my grandparents and uncle lived in when I was a baby- my mom was ill after having me and my dad was traveling for work so not around much. So I went to stay at Grandma’s house a lot- there was the sweetest buff cocker spaniel there- Judy she was about 16 when I was born- always lived with adults- I was first grandchild but boy did she take good care of me. Unfortunately in all my searches I did not find a single photo of Judy this week. . Anyway sitting back in those rooms after not having been in them for over 20 years has been weird, strange and nice all at once.

Today my uncle sold the old Cadillac that has been in the garage there forever – OK over 40 years so seems like almost forever. I remember the beautiful one they had before this one when I was young. I felt like a Queen riding in it. This one I wasn’t in much they got it when I was a teen and lived in Florida. My uncle couldn’t bear to see it be driven away today so he hid in house when it left.

It’s soooo sad how society has changed now none of the younger people, teens or kids of course are interested or even want to see let alone hold onto old beautiful antique furniture, beautiful old framed portraits of their great great grandparents, old wedding gowns, family china or silver not even the toys they played with as a child. I cried when I found my parents wedding album which I had never seen. To me it is all sacred – I had to clean out an old leather trunk for selling, in it were baby and toddler clothes my grandma had worn and her brother whom I never met, he died before I was born. Gingerly I touched the handmade knitted sweaters, the fraying falling apart lace of Grandmas wedding dress, the old hardened leather shoes that they wore as toddlers. In the end my uncle made me take the box of the trunk items home with me.

The saddest part to me however is knowing that when I die all of this, especially my mom’s beautiful art work and paintings, will be thrown in the trash –  really upsets me! I could not have handled my kids telling me – Nope don’t want any of grandma’s paintings or art. That would have crushed me.

So what is the answer for folks in this position? The young of today and tomorrow could care less about heritage, history, the past struggles or triumphs of ancestors. This is something I will never understand. Yes I did not want my uncle giving me all these things for me to keep in my no basement, overstuffed house – which is already stuffed with my parent’s treasures and lives. But the biggest reason he gave them to me today was either that or they got trashed today. My only cousin two years younger than me so technically a baby boomer too has the same attitude of today’s young- nope I don’t want any of this old junk sitting around. He had a daughter he could have tried to pass a few things to but nope wouldn’t take anything. So now the big question- what do I do with it all?

Anyway, tomorrow the moving van comes and goes and we say goodbye forever to my uncle’s life there and my every Sunday over there playing outside with the big black rock out front sitting on it watching the cars go by and the birds landing in the trees or grass by me and singing the most beautiful songs to me and many other childhood memories. Wow! It’s amazing how many memories came flooding back this week while I was there sorting and packing.

The other thoughts that have been brought up this week involve how lucky the past generations were to get pensions and be able to live on that and social security. Also I need to be grateful myself for having finally overcome my upbringing which taught me to hang on to low paying jobs. I finally got the help I needed to develop my own home based business. To avoid having to hang our ancestors framed photos on the inside of a cardboard box under a bridge Joe and I went all in to an on line business that takes work but less time to thrive then many businesses out there. We are thrilled to now be able to help others achieve their dreams and secure their own future.

It takes dedication and teamwork so think about it and join our team today!

pexels-photo-302083.jpegDon’t you want to know for sure what will happen to you in a few years??

Thank you for reading along. Have a nice week.

Joe & Lori

Dream Designers

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