Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan – at Home Too!

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As an entrepreneur both progress and roadblocks are occurring all the time. For instance, last night I went out to eat with two friends. They got talking about the crazy busy-ness of the upcoming Holidays and increases in their work loads. Here in Northeast Ohio we have been blessed with our third beautiful warm fall in a row so many of us have gotten behind in preparation for winter and the Holidays.

I always had a certain list of fall activities that I needed to complete to take some pressure off of the transition into and survival of a typical Ohio winter.

Here is my list – feel free to add or personalize for your life as needed.

  1. Clean up yard
  2. Sweep out garage and set mouse traps.
  3. Spray for pests interior and exterior perimeter of house.
  4. Make sure all bushes, leaves, etc. are not close to or clogging outside heating unit.
  5. Take car in for service, oil change, filters, fluids and make sure wipers are in good shape as well as tires and tires inflated properly, put snow brush and extra blankets in car.
  6. Clean flue of fireplace and stock up seasoned wood and kindling. (If Applicable)
  7. Have furnace serviced including cleaning and new filter installed.
  8. Re-caulk windows and doors outside, replace screens with storms.
  9. Clean gutters and roof.
  10. Turn off and drain exterior faucets.
  11. Winterize lawn mower, find snow shovels and prep snow blower.
  12. Purchase salt or ice.
  13. Make a list of supplies needed in case of power outage and purchase as needed. For example, extra batteries and flashlights.
  14. Stock up on certain necessities such as canned goods and toilet paper, paper towels, candles, and snacking and drinking items. (Extreme weather may keep you home-bound)
  15. Make a list of items needed for winter health and purchase. Items such as aspirin, sinus meds, anti-acids, ace bandages, toothpaste, soap and shampoo.
  16. Spend a day preparing some meals in advance and package for freezing to be used on extra busy or strenuous days.
  17. As soon as cold weather hits I make a habit of maintaining at least one half tank of gas in my car at all times.

I have found that the more things I can plan ahead and do, minimizing the pressure and worry, the less I dread winter and the cold darkness it brings.

The Holidays and winter are such a stressful time for many people that we can use a gentle reminder that cabin fever, seasonal affective disorder and depression spike in the cold weather along with sadness and loneliness at the Holidays.

Consider occasionally contacting your friends and family during this time; perhaps even offer to assist them with a task on their winter list.

Although this post may seem somewhat off topic from a personal and professional development blog its really not because my partners recent failure to complete the list resulted in significant delay in the launch of this blog!

Thus one can easily see how important planning ahead and crisis avoidance is in in order to enjoy a peaceful and productive live both at work and at home.

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